The New Working Woman

Danielle Barnes

Posted on February 18 2019

The New Working Woman

The New Working Woman

Working women have no shortage of decisions to make, including what to wear on the job. Whether you’re mulling for hours over the perfect outfit, or whipping one together in a second, the day to day process can become as monotonous as that morning bowl of oatmeal. Your fashion-forwardness doesn’t have to begin on Friday night. You should be able to feel your best and look stylish seven days a week. Whether your office is casual and creative, or buttoned-up and sophisticated, get inspired to stand out and gain the confidence you need to step into work.

For those looking for workwear inspiration, we’re here to make your morning routine a little more exciting. RTP’s curation of fashion ideas for the working woman encompasses far more than the mainstream suit. How do you pull together a stellar 9-to-5 wardrobe that’ll keep you comfortable while you’re cramped at your desk, but also make you feel confident interacting with your coworkers and clients? First, step away from that 90’s grey plain pant suit and those three-inch pumps you’ve had since your first post-grad interview. It’s time to graduate into a wardrobe you deserve- let’s get started!

The Power Suit 

When work really means all day meetings & a 15 min lunch break you're gonna want to conquer the day in a power suit. They say when you look the part you usually get what you're after so if that means landing a deal with a client let's do it fashionably! Throw out your basic suits and add a tailored look to your wardrobe! You're going to need RTP’s plaid double breasted blazer pants suit for that perfect office look.

Stuffy suits are in the past babe and we've got you covered with an update on a classic. RTP's Boss Babe multi- color pinstriped suit is a must-have! 


The Printed Trouser

Whoever said prints were a thing past, couldn’t have predicted their comeback. Today, we’re seeing prints worn in so many different ways. Working women everywhere are adding a new twist to their wardrobes by playing with prints and mixing and matching wherever they see fit. We totally support this new fashion fad.  Adding prints to your work wardrobe adds a new flare. Try starting simple, by incorporating a printed trouser to your outfit. RTP’s leopard print trousers are a perfect start to adding prints into your wardrobe.

Jumpsuits for Work?

How fashionable can you be for work? We strongly believe that your work wardrobe should reflect your fashion taste. While your work wardrobe should stay professional, please don’t neglect your fashion sense! There are ways to incorporate non traditional garments for the fashion forward 9-5 woman. If you’ve jumped on the jumpsuit bandwagon, we’re proud of you! Jumpsuits are a great alternative to a suit or dress, and instantly adds a bit of style cred to your wardrobe. Keep it structured and simple , and don’t be afraid to play with statement pieces to complete your look. Try starting with RTP’s pinstripe suspender jumpsuit, pairing it with a long blouse and heels.

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